Tomboy Designs was created by Tess Langley primarily to show the Gulf Coast Lifestyle to its fullest extent using her unique artistic ability. With her desire to express her idea of building art out of distinct wood working that managed to surface in 1998 when she began her journey making wood furniture, which developed later to a  passion.

In February 2013 in Foley, Alabama Tomboy Designs opened their doors to the public and that’s when it began to blossom under the umbrella of its primary business name of “Home Décor and Gift Boutique.” Tomboy Designs was first created from the vision of Tess that she had at the Atlanta Market in January 2013 when she noticed the nautical wall art was really outdated or wasn’t current to our lifestyle. She wanted to update the art and help it fit the local community lifestyle that breathed the white sandy beaches, aqua navy blue white capped waves and sea life all the while displaying our cohabitation of our surrounding environment.

A year later in February of 2014, Tess refocused her efforts in order to concentrate more on the art, and renamed the business to “Tomboy Designs” for the future adventure.
During the season of the store launch a frequent customer and local sales rep brought up the idea of moving the décor to an online avenue. After building a customer base and gaining some momentum four years later Tomboy Designs launched Tomboy Designs Online to sell paintings and wood carvings as well as custom art based on requests that can be taken over a website avenue.

Tomboy Designs uses Distressed wood and re-purposed material to create the unique local non-mainstream art that revitalizes the lifestyle view to customers that want to bring a little breath of the sea into their home. We’re located in Foley Alabama as well as now online so even if you’re not local, you’ll be able to buy a piece of custom art from us here at Tomboy Designs.

TomBoy Design’s has been selling wooden wall art now for 8 years. From small boutiques to furniture stores, festivals and online. With a quick turnaround and a steady customer base TomBoy Designs has gained trust with their retail merchants and their direct sale customer base. Every sale gets individual attention no matter how small or how large the sale is. We would like to invite you to visit the TomBoy Design’s Shop and see the work for yourself, or contact us today to schedule a call to discuss your design and submit your ideas for a custom design for you!

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